Common Types of Commercial Door Locks in Houston, TX

Types of Locks

Securing a commercial property is a top priority for Houston business owners. With retail stores, restaurants, industrial facilities, and more, determining the best door lock system can be tricky. Cost, durability, and security features should all be considered.

This article will overview the six most popular commercial door locks used by Houston companies.

1. Cylindrical Locks

Cylindrical locks are ubiquitous on interior doors. They feature a simple cylinder mechanism and key insertion making them affordable and easy to use. Good for low-traffic indoor areas.

2. Mortise Locks

Mortise locks are recessed into the door itself for enhanced durability. More complex to install but offers sturdy security, ideal for high-traffic exterior doors.

3. Electromagnetic Locks

Electromagnetic locks adhere the door closed with magnets until power is removed remotely. Allows controlled access from a switch. Useful for doors needing high security.

4. Exit Device Bar Locks

Exit device locks have horizontal push bars for quick egress from the inside. But entry requires a key for security. Prioritizes emergency exit while maintaining entry control.

5. Deadbolts

Deadbolts are secondary locks installed in addition to standard locks for extra reinforcement. The bolt slides fully into the strike plate for strength. Used to augment security.

6. Smart Locks

Smart locks allow keyless, app-based control. Users can unlock via smartphones remotely. Provides convenience alongside customizable access.

Evaluating Needs

Choosing the right lock means evaluating foot traffic, entry/exit needs, and risks. Cost, durability, and installation should also be considered when selecting from these common options. An effective system balances strong security with convenience and emergency egress capabilities.

Do you have questions about securing your Houston business? Contact us today to discuss the ideal door locks for your needs.


What are the most secure commercial door locks?

The most secure options are mortise locks, electromagnetic locks, and exit device bar locks. They offer physical strength, controlled access, and pick resistance tailored for commercial security needs.

What are the easiest commercial locks to install?

Cylindrical and smart locks are the easiest to install oneself. Mortise and electromagnetic locks require more complex wiring and drilling into the door itself, so professional installation is recommended.

How much do commercial door locks cost?

Costs range widely from $50 for basic cylindrical locks to $500+ for heavy-duty electromagnetic locks. Smart locks and exit devices fall in the middle around $200-$300. Higher security and durability equate to higher costs.

How often should commercial locks be replaced?

locks should be inspected annually and replaced every 5-10 years depending on use. High-traffic doors may need replacement more frequently for maintenance. Upgrading technology like adding smart locks can also improve security over time.

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