Magnetic Locks in Houston: The Future of Security

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With its sprawling metropolis and vibrant business scene, Houston always looks for superior security options. One of the latest trends capturing the city’s interest is magnetic locks.

What are Magnetic Locks?

Magnetic locks, often termed “maglocks,” are locking devices that consist of an electromagnet and an armature plate. Here’s how they work:

  • Electromagnet: Fixed to the door frame.
  • Armature Plate: Fixed to the door itself.

When the electromagnet is energized, it binds the armature plate, locking the door. Simple, yet highly effective.

Advantages of Magnetic Locks:

  • No Moving Parts: Less wear and tear compared to traditional locks.
  • Quick Access: This can be easily unlocked by cutting the power.
  • High Security: Difficult to tamper due to its solid-state nature.

Why Houston Businesses Prefer Magnetic Locks:

Security First:

  • Houston’s business scene, from bustling malls to high-end offices, prioritizes security. Maglocks, with their tamper-resistant nature, fit the bill.

Easy Integration with Modern Tech:

  • Maglocks can seamlessly integrate with security systems, cameras, and access control solutions. Perfect for Houston’s tech-savvy environment.


  • Houston’s weather, from sweltering heat to sudden downpours, demands robust security solutions. Magnetic locks, with their minimal moving parts, stand the test of time.

Installation Tips:

  • Professional Installation: Ensure a licensed technician installs the lock for optimum performance.
  • Power Supply: Ensure you have a consistent power source, perhaps with backup, to keep the lock engaged.
  • Regular Maintenance: Though they’re durable, an occasional check-up helps in maintaining peak performance.

Cost and Availability:

Magnetic locks, with their increasing popularity, are now available in a variety of models catering to diverse needs.

Type of Maglock Average Cost in Houston
Basic Model
$50 - $150
$150 - $300
$300 and above

Making the Right Choice:

When it comes to magnetic locks in Houston, it’s vital to assess your specific requirements:

  • Size of the Door: Larger doors may require stronger maglocks.
  • Frequency of Access: Busy doors might need high-end models for durability.
  • Integration Needs: If you wish to combine with other security systems, consider compatibility.

A Deeper Look into Magnetic Locks

History and Evolution

Magnetic locks might seem like a modern innovation, but their idea has roots going back decades. Over the years, technology has refined them, making them a staple for modern businesses. In Houston, as the city witnessed exponential growth, the demand for advanced and robust security options like maglocks only grew stronger.

Environment and Sustainability

In an age where sustainability is paramount, magnetic locks present an eco-friendlier option. With fewer moving parts, they demand less frequent replacements and repairs, leading to reduced waste. Additionally, the energy consumption of maglocks, contrary to popular belief, is relatively low, ensuring that they’re not just good for security but also our planet.

Comparing Magnetic Locks to Traditional Locks

While traditional locks have their advantages, they often fall short when providing the level of security and ease of use that magnetic locks do.

  • Keys vs. Codes: Lose a key, and you could be locked out. But with maglocks, access can often be gained using passcodes, swipe cards, or biometric access, making them more adaptable and versatile.
  • Wear and Tear: Traditional locks suffer from constant friction and mechanical strain, leading to quicker degradation. Maglocks, without any physical contact between locking components during operation, have a longer life.
  • Tampering: It’s relatively easier to pick a traditional lock or force it open. Magnetic locks, on the other hand, offer robust resistance to tampering efforts, making them a clear favorite for businesses that prioritize security.

Incorporating Magnetic Locks into Modern Architecture:

Houston, known for its architectural wonders and modern building designs, is constantly on the lookout for sleek and efficient additions. Magnetic locks, with their minimalist design, blend seamlessly into contemporary architecture. This not only ensures that security doesn’t come at the expense of aesthetics but also positions maglocks as the preferred choice for new-age building projects.

Should You Call Magnetic Lock Experts?

At 24/7 Mobile Locksmith Houston, TX, we pride ourselves on being the forefront runners in the world of security solutions. Having been in the heart of Houston, we’ve observed and adapted to the unique needs of this thriving city.

Why choose us?

  • Experience: Years of hands-on experience with magnetic lock installations.
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  • Trust: A rapport built on reliability and excellent service.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Magnetic Locks

Magnetic locks have become a popular security option for many Houston businesses. But you may still have some questions about how maglocks work and whether they are the right choice for your needs. Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about magnetic locks:

What’s the difference between a magnetic lock and an electric strike?

An electric strike is another type of electronic access control device. The main difference is that a magnetic lock mounts to the door frame and attracts a plate on the door, while an electric strike is mounted to the door frame and releases a latch bolt to allow the door to open. Magnetic locks provide more strength and security than electric strikes.

How strong is the holding force of a magnetic lock?

The locks exert extremely strong forces, up to 1200 pounds on average. The strength depends on the model – heavy-duty magnetic locks for exterior doors can have a holding force of over 2000 pounds.

Do the magnets ever lose their grip and allow the door to open?

Quality magnetic locks that are properly installed should not lose their grip. The magnets themselves do not weaken over time. Problems only arise if the electromagnet loses power, at which point the lock will be released. Using a backup power system can prevent accidental unlocking.

Can magnetic locks be opened manually in case of emergency?

High-quality maglock models have a built-in release switch or mechanism. The door can also be simply opened by cutting power to the electromagnet. For fire safety, maglocks should deactivate and release upon fire alarm activation.

Will my keys become demagnetized if I carry them near the lock?

No, the electromagnetic field produced by the locks is contained and localized. It is not strong enough at a distance to disrupt items like keycards or mobile phones. Your keys will be unaffected by the maglocks.

Is professional installation required, or can I do it myself?

Installation is best left to trained locksmiths and technicians. They can properly measure and align the lock plates, set optimal magnetic strength, integrate with power and backup systems, and ensure compliance with fire codes. DIY installation could lead to subpar security or safety issues.

Reaching out to a qualified magnetic lock provider is the best way to have maglocks properly set up and serviced. Their expertise can guarantee these devices are maximizing security for your Houston business.

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