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Key programming uses data stored on computer chips to match your key to your car. Basically, this makes key programming a much more secure way to go than plain metal. 24/7 Mobile Locksmith provides you with the best superior quality key programming service.

Key Programming - 247 Mobile Locksmith

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Key Programming Service

We perform key programming using the best quality car key programmer software to ensure a high level of security for your car, so you can do your weekend shopping without checking every five seconds to see if your car is still where you left it. We make, duplicate and program keys for cars of any make you can think of, and we also offer car key reprogramming. If you live in and around Houston, TX, 24/7 Mobile Locksmith is the local car locksmith to call. Never look far when it comes to the services mentioned above because we have cemented our place as the most reliable and trustworthy key programming experts and none other comes close. Make the call and experience key services like you have never seen.

Key Programming - 247 Mobile Locksmith

Car Key Programmer - If You've Got The Hardware, We've Got The Software To Match It

There are lots of car key programmer software packages on the internet but how do you know which one is secure and error-resistant? Our key programming experts use the best quality car key programmer software to give you keys you can trust. With us, you save time, money and best of all you save yourself the stress of worrying about your car getting stolen.

Keys For Cars - If The Car Exists, We've Got The Keys

Your car key is very important. If you doubt this, just think back to all those times your dad misplaced his when the family planned to go somewhere exciting. I’m sure you remember looking everywhere and wondering if your parents wouldn’t decide to cancel. We make car keys of just about any make on the market right now, and we do it fast and at unbeatable rates. If you need keys for cars, or you need to get your key programming done, and 24/7 Mobile Locksmith is your plug.

Car Key Reprogramming - If It Ain't Completely Broke, We Can Fix It

Okay, maybe your car key is already programmed, and it stops working, or you changed the locks or ignition. Not to worry; all you might need is a little bit of car key reprogramming to get you back on the road. Depending on the situation, our key programming experts might recommend a new key chip, but in most cases all you need is just a little repair work and car key reprogramming and boom! You’re back on the road without a care in the world.

key programming - 247 Mobile Locksmith

Local Locksmith for Cars - Top Quality Car Locks And Keys At The Best Rates

If you live in Houston or its surroundings, 24/7 Mobile Locksmith is the best local locksmith for cars. We will give you durable and reliable keys, install top quality locks and we guarantee you will get the best quality key programming money can buy. If you are looking for a local locksmith for cars, and you want prompt service, no excuses and the most secure encryption on your car key, contact us today or pay us a visit at our branch. We’ve got you covered.

Security Is Key - Let's Secure Your Car For You

We’ve got the technology and the experts to make your car difficult to steal, and we love what we do. If you’re ever down in Texas, look us up at our branch, or give us a call if you need us to come to you. Day or night, we’ll get you your keys on the spot.

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Key Programming - FAQ

If you get your car key replaced, you don’t need to change the ignition. All you need to do is get our key programming experts to match your new key’s code with the code of your car and you’re good to go. It is a quick procedure that saves time and lets you go to sleep with both eyes closed.


Yes you can, but it might not be the most cost-effective thing to do. You’ll probably need the services of a car key programmer a few times in your lifetime, and hiring a key programming expert on each occasion will cost less overall and be quicker, safer and easier than doing it yourself. Choosing the right car key programmer is a whole other matter entirely. Let’s save you the stress.


Key programming is basically creating matching codes on two microchips; one in your key and the other in your car. If your car is of a particularly old vintage make and you want a smart key, we can install a suitable ignition and smart locks and get you a key to match. We don’t just make keys for cars; we’re locksmiths as well.


Yes, but you’ll need to be very knowledgeable about the software you use. A lot of car key reprogramming software on the internet is basically fluff, meaning any small-time hacker can get around it. We recommend you get expert hands on the job when you need car key programming, except of course if you’re an expert yourself.


All you need to do is give us a call or contact us on our website and the best local locksmith for cars in Houston will find you. You can also find us at 3255 Las Palmas St #263 Houston, TX, 77027 if you need new locks installed or you require car key programming at the best rates you can find.