Transponder Key - Safe, Secure and Convenient

Transponder Key technology delivers the best security for your car. With a transponder key, you could even leave the doors open and walk away with no sweat. Contact us at 24/7 Mobile Locksmith to get a transponder key of the highest quality standards.

Transponder Key - 247 Mobile Locksmith

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Transponder Key Services

We provide you with transponder key programming for all car brands, so if you need to make car keys that are secure, we are your plug. If you’ve lost or broken your car keys, there is nothing to worry about. Come to us for a transponder key replacement at the most competitive rates in Houston, guaranteed. We also offer ignition key replacement and programming featuring the best quality chip key technology anywhere in the world. Chip key technology gives you that extra layer of security so that you can rest assured that your car is always safe. We will make sure that as long as it’s only you that has your car keys, your car is most definitely going nowhere without a transponder key.

Transponder Key - 247 Mobile Locksmith

Transponder Key Programming - Quick, Secure, Reliable

Our Transponder key programming technicians are standing by to help. Whether you want a new transponder key or a new ignition installed, just walk into our place and we’ll hook you up with the best transponder key programming software so you can always trust your car to stay where you left it, and never worry about anybody getting around our key encryption. It’s pretty airtight.

Transponder Key Replacement - Light-Speed Service At The Best Rates

You probably know that keys are the easiest thing to misplace, and losing your transponder key can be a massive inconvenience. If you ever find yourself in this position, we can offer you transponder key replacement at the best rates in Houston. Even better, our key replacement service has the lowest turnaround time, so you can get back on the road before you know it.

Ignition Key Replacement - Let's Be The Spark That Gets You Going

We also offer an ignition key replacement service that’s the best in town, so whatever kind of ignition key you have, a simple metal key or a key, we’ve got you covered. Our ignition key replacement comes with one guarantee: we’ll fix the problem without creating a new one. Deal?

transponder key - 247 Mobile Locksmith

Chip Key - Who Needs Batteries?

When you insert your chip key into the lock or ignition, your engine control unit sends a signal to the chip key that powers it and enables it to send a programmed code to the ECU. This means your engine will only start for your chip key, so there’s no fear that someone can hot-wire your pride and joy, and owning a key also means you can forget about replacement batteries. Cool, right?

We know you love your car; it takes you places and gives you wings. Let’s help you give your car better security; give us a call and let’s get you a key and frustrate every would-be car thief.

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Transponder Key - FAQ

Your transponder key is a pretty tough cookie; it contains a little transponder chip that is activated by a low power radio frequency signal from your engine control unit, so even if it comes together with a battery-powered remote control front door lock, it will still work when the battery is gone. Really, it would take actual physical or chemical damage to the chip for your key to stop working.

Transponder key programming is necessary if you have changed your ignition, or you’ve just gotten a new key. The code on the chip in your key has to match the code on the chip in your Engine Control Unit (ECU) before your engine can start. This feature is what gives your car that extra layer of security; if the engine won’t start, then anybody who wants to steal your car better get a crane with which to lift it.

No, you don’t need to change your ignition. Your transponder key talks directly to your Engine Control Unit, so all you need to do after you get a transponder key replacement is give us a call and our experts will promptly be there to program your key with the right code for a small fee, of course.

After ignition key replacement and reprogramming, your car is as safe as it was when you had your former keys. Because the reprogramming changes the code that your ECU uses to authenticate your transponder key, even your old key would be useless in the hands of a thief.

A chip key, or a transponder key, adds an extra layer of security to your car. Because of the technology involved in its making, your chip key is more expensive than a normal ignition key, but reducing the risk of your car getting stolen to the point where the prospective thief would need a crane to carry your car off is a pretty good trade-off. Wouldn’t you agree?

Because it’s cooler? Haha! Seriously though, you have a number of good reasons to choose a transponder key over the other sort. The first is security; a transponder key ensures that your car engine will not start unless your car key is inside the car, so anybody who wants to steal your car would need to pinch the keys. The second is durability; a transponder key does not suffer from worn edges like a normal metal key, so you can use it for a much longer period as long as you don’t break it or drop it in a vat of acid.